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Providing counselling and therapeutic support for adults and young people. Spreading awareness of the importance of healthy minds. 
With a transparent,
non-judgemental and empathetic stance, we respect you as the expert of your story and aim to support you in the areas you choose.
Danielle Bottone
Integrative Counsellor 
Dip. Therapeutic Counselling, Reg. MBACP

Danielle is a registered counsellor specialising in integrative therapy. She uses person centred and psychodynamic approaches to provide a safe space for her clients to explore areas of difficulty, and support them to process the challenges life bring. Danielle is a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). 

Therapeutic Background

Danielle has worked therapeutically with individuals and families over the past 8 years and set up her private practice in 2018.

Danielle has experience working one to one and in groups with clients in counselling settings in London and Kent. She works with clients with a variety of therapeutic needs and has extensive experience supporting clients who want to understand themselves better, unpack their past experiences and move forward. 

Danielle has a special interest in trauma and intercultural therapy; she understands the importance of acknowledging and including culture in the therapy room with her clients. Danielle is keen to support her clients to explore generational patterns and childhood experiences. Using talking therapy and psycho-education, she sits alongside clients whilst helping them understand the potential long term impact of  life events and how to overcome these. 

Danielle is passionate about promoting therapeutic diversity, and aims to showcase the benefits of counselling as a tool for personal growth and development in all communities. Danielle specialises in 'therapeutic process' - using the notion that clients are the experts of their journey, and the counsellor should support the client to navigate this in an autonomous way.

Work with Young People

and Families

Danielle began working professionally with young people and their families in 2010.  Over the years, Danielle has worked across boroughs in London and Kent within Children's Social Care, Youth Offending, Custodial Care, Mental Health, Substance Misuse and Therapeutic Services.


Being able to work across a number of disciplines with young people and their families has enabled Danielle to gain a breadth of knowledge relating to youth related issues, youth culture and how best to work with young people and their trusted adults. 


Throughout her career, Danielle's passion for young people has grown, and supporting them to make informed choices and decisions in life is one of the many reasons she started JourneyOn. 


Danielle has found that working alongside young people and their trusted adults jointly can assist in giving young people a voice and help to promote a shared understanding within the family; thus strengthening family dynamics.

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