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Growing Up Mixed

Therapeutic spaces for women to process their mixed experience.

'Growing Up Mixed'

Therapeutic Self-Development

Available Now!

  • Growing Up Mixed is a therapeutic self-development course created specifically for mixed women.

  • This online course supports you to explore life experiences, understand their impact and attach deeper meaning to your life story as a mixed woman.

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Who is Growing Up Mixed for? Growing up mixed has been specifically created for adult women from a variety of mixed backgrounds, particularly those with experiences of marginalisation.

How long does it take to complete? The course consists of 10 therapeutic exercises. I would recommend completing one or two activities each week. This gives you some time to reflect and digest before moving onto the next topic. You can complete this course at your own pace and flexibly plan the sessions around your schedule. There is no set time limit for completion.

Why did you create this course? Being a mixed woman myself, I understand the unique experience mixed people have navigating the world. In addition to my lived experience, I have worked with many mixed clients over the years and found similarities in so many of our individual stories. I wanted a dedicate a space for mixed women to be able to explore this, without judgement. 

Is this course like therapy? No. This course is not therapy and should not be substituted for therapy. The exercises are therapeutic, which means they are designed to support you to emotionally explore your story and expand your self awareness. Due to this, it is important to look after yourself emotionally whilst completing this course. 

Who is the course not for? This course is not for children/young people or individual's who do not feel they have the emotional capacity to take on therapeutic work alone.

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Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions about the Growing Up Mixed course.

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